Monday, December 19, 2011

sorry, no pictures!

just something i've been thinking about for a while...
its weird to me that people can have the same best friend since kindergarten or 1st grade or something.
i think my best friend capacity tops off at 2 years.
is that weird?
whats wrong with me?
i have 3 best friends but even the oldest of the 3 only goes back about 3 years and we met after high school.
people completely change.
junior high, high school, college, 21, even after that.
i change and different people fit into my best friend slot at the time.
i dont get how 2 people can still be best friends since kindergarten and still be that great of friends!
you mean to tell me neither of them EVER changed?!
i think its fantastic that they can stay friends that long...whats wrong with me?
just food for thought...i think im meant to be a floater.