Friday, August 31, 2012


Nate got to spend a whole week with me during his last R&R. Unfortunately, it was due to my grandma passing away but luckily, the bosses gave him extra time off to go to Boise and be with me and my family. I am so glad he got to be there, it was nice to have him just squeeze my hand and give me hugs all weekend whenever I was feeling sad (and Nate learned that I'm a big case he didn't already know or had forgotten), oh and to be photographer :)
We did try to have a little fun during the visit since no one could remember the last time Nate had been up to Boise and we all knew he wouldn't be back for a long time. We went through a bunch of boxes looking for stuff and found so many funny things I didnt know I still had. Like old journals from when I was 6-9ish? They were pretty funny and got some good laughs! Nate also got to meet the majority of my extended family. I think he questioned his decision to marry after that!
And now here's a ton of pictures from the week.
this was actually the day got home.
i was sooooo glad to finally see him again!

 on our way to boise we stopped at malad gorge.
its one of the coolest places!

nate at the gorge :)
this was actually where he originally planned to propose 

on the gorge bridge!

on friday we hiked up to a neat old mine.
this was the old bunker cabin.

my dad kept calling it our first home. 

this was where they separated their treasures.


still at the mine building.

my dad had to check it all out too.

there it is!
it was really cool.

my dad and his dog:)

on saturday we decided to take the boat out since nates never been with us.
i hadnt been in a few years and apparently ive grown chicken since then.

nate did awesome for not having wakeboarded in at least 2 years!

my moms turn.

awww :)

dad had a turn.

i think i enjoy skiing more than wakeboarding now.

thats me!

nate struggled getting the board on and off.
i wish i got a picture of his toes curling over the front of the boots and almost the board!
i cant get the bindings tight enough on my little feet.

and then, the real reason for the trip.
this picture melts my heart.
all her grandsons lovingly carrying her away.

this picture breaks my heart.
grandpa watching them take her casket away for the last time.

so glad this guy was there.

luckily we still got a few laughs!

gotta love this old fart!

this cracks me up.
my dad and his siblings and father.
bryan and grandpas faces are priceless!

We had a...time (I almost said really great, but that would be a lie. It was HARD! But nice to be around family) in Boise.
We got back to Utah at 10am to start moving stuff into our new apartment!!!
More on that later...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grandma Joyce.

Wednesday, August 22, my sweet grandma passed away. Although she WAY outlived any doctors expectations, its still been really hard to see her go.
My whole life my grandparents have lived just around the corner from me. I saw them very regularly. They've just been there. It's weird to think she won't be there next time I go over there or that she won't be dropping by with grandpa to see what we're up to.
She is my first grandparent to pass away and it's been weird, shes's also the first person who I've been close to, to pass away.
Not only that but I'm named after her.
I've heard the story that when I was very young and people asked me my name I would reply, "Lindsey Grandma Joyce Oakes". I am dang lucky to be named after her!
Boy do I miss her!
We all do.

I remember when I was 5 or 6 I got some cherry chapstick and I wanted her to use it and smell it and she told me she didn't have a sense of smell, or taste for that matter but she could imagine it smelled great and was really glad that I loved the smell so much.
She was always so supportive of all her grandchildren too.
She made it to more extracurricular activities than anyone else I know. She was always at every single one of my volleyball or basketball games.
And she especially loved to come watch my little brothers' high school basketball games. She never missed one. I'll bet she knows more about that sport than I do.
Growing up we would have family get togethers' for all the major holidays. Grandma always made her infamous "rainbow jell-o". It was the best! You could peel all the layers apart and play with it! We'd pretend the clear layers were glasses, it was good stuff! I am really going to miss that!
Another time, when I was 7 I was over at the park behind her house. I was running under an old metal slide and misjudged the height and bashed my forehead into it so hard it knocked my tooth loose. I ran back to grandmas crying and she fed me some ice cream that my tooth later fell out in.
She has hand made so many blankets for me that I now cherish. One year for Christmas she even made me a doll that looks just like me! I was pretty excited when I found that last night, even though shes pretty worn out!

I can think of numerous camping trips she took me and my sister on and playing tons of cards together. I remember hanging out and building their cabin, I even learned to ride my bike on her gravel driveway!
Mostly, I just remember her always BEING there. She has always been there for every event; birthdays, holidays, sporting events, concerts, weddings, baby blessings, etc.
I was really hoping she would make it to my wedding. It's going to be really tough to not have her there. I'm so glad she got to see my dress, and got to be here for most of the planning. I'm glad that she gave me her advice on garments and the temple the last time I saw her :)
I hope she knows how much I love her!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Friday, August 3, 2012
Nate got lucky and had 3 whole days off this time! It was awesome! We have the best time together! I can't wait until its all the time!
Nate had never been to Lagoon (which he kept reminding me that he's only been to BETTER theme parks!) but I love Lagoon! We used to go every summer when I was really little.
Luckily it wasn't too hot, and there wasn't a ton of people. We waited at most 7 minutes in any line!!
First of all, we stopped to get lunch at Harmon's beforehand. We both got egg salad sandwhiches which was a terrible choice!! They were TERRIBLE! I didn't even eat half of it it was so disappointing! Nate at most and later felt sick...and spilled all over his truck...but that's another story.
So as soon as we walked in the gate I got really really excited! I RAN to the first boat ride! When I got to the ride attendant he just said, "ok ma'am, first I'm gonna need you to just calm down" HA! Nate just said, "Thank you!!" then he of course loved the boat ride!
Nest we went on my most favorite ride EVER...The Log Flume! It was awesome! When that kid asked me if I was ready for the ride I said "heck yea, this is my favorite ride!" Little 16 year old ride attendant says, "are you serious?" like he was revolted! But I was dead serious!
We played around, ate crappy, rode all the rides, went to the water park (where Nate promised he wouldn't dunk me and did! :( and experienced all Lagoon had to offer!
It was a fantastic of my favorites with that boy for sure!
Then he had to leave super early Saturday morning and I've been so sad ever since...I sure do love that cute boy!

and NO...he DIDNT win me any stuffed animals!
oh, and we're getting married in 75 days!!