Monday, October 29, 2012


That's right, as of today Nate and I have known each other for 1 whole year! Seems like I've known him for so much longer! I don't know what I ever did before him!
He's a pretty great guy.
When I left work tonight there was a note on my car, little Nater RAN all the way to my work and left a sweet note on my car letting me know how awesome I am (ha!) and how happy he is that we get to be married forever! It was the sweetest thing and he is a total keeper!
And on a fun note, here's a few pics from the wedding weekend!

the whole fam damily, minus tyler and the boys.

oakes family.

thank you Alicia:)

our lil FIAT!!!
we loved it!

mini honeymoon to the zoo.
i especially loved all the skeletons!

I love looking at animals! I LOVE the zoo. Nate's the best for taking me. We were definitely the only people there without children!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


You know how parents sometimes write down all the funny things their kids say to remember them down the road?
That's what this is.
Sometimes Nate just says hilarious things and we need to be able to remember them!
So here's just a few off the top of my head.

Nate and I discussing marriage and how we like different things:
"Lindsey, we're getting married not conjoined."

The other morning my alarm went off:
Lindsey: Nate, it's time to get up.
Nate: I don't want to, I'm tired as a lil llama!

Well, I had 3 things I was going to write, but I've already forgot the 3rd. This will just have to be an ongoing project:)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Happenings.

My dad brought some furniture down for us at the end of September and along with it he brought me a bike! Nate and I took it out for a ride (where I found $10!) and I've been riding it to/from work about two days a week. 

We went to the haunted circus in Draper the other night, it wasn't necessarily scary, but it was pretty fun. My favorite part was while you were waiting in line and a dance team did the Thriller dance. It was awesome. We love haunted houses (for obvious reasons).

My little brother is on a mission in Argentina and therefore will not make it to our wedding NEXT Saturday. I was a little bummed so I took the liberty of making sure he will be there! I bought a Mitt Romney cutout (only $20, and he's tall!) and then printed my brothers face out and covered him up. He looks pretty legit and he will now make it to the wedding! We are so excited! Oh, and I made this dinner ALL by myself! We has pork chops, french bread, mashed potatoes, and salad. It all turned out delicious minus the potatoes :)

Lastly, Nate and I got pedicures today :) Nate's first one! I didn't tell them it was in preparation for the wedding, but I think they turned out perfect!!