Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#90 bracelets.

freebie...freebe? freeby?
lucky for you im on one tonight.
and it was double or nothing because i liked both 89 and 90 and knew id forget one if i didnt do it now!
either way, im in love with bracelets from kohls.

Apt. 9 Gold-Tone Simulated Crystal Multistrand Bracelet

clearly im an awful decision maker!

#89 the script.

he got me through a major heart break with this one:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#88 yoga pants.

i want these.
from victoriassecret.

they used to be on sale and i knew i should have bought them!
but 30 bucks??

or even these would suffice.


#87 my nephew.

so hes actually way higher on my list than 87.
and hes without a doubt the cutest kid EVER!
too bad he lives so far away!
but im pretty sure i miss him more than anyone.
and i think hes the favorite person in the family right now.
at christmas wed all just sit and watch him for hours.
hes very entertaining.

and my all time favorite...

Monday, January 24, 2011

i must have short term memory loss...

thats twice ive gone through my old posts and been like 'ok great i havent done this yet!'
and then actually i have...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#86 brian melander.

he's a stud.
brian and i go way back.
like 2 whole years back.
i owe our entire meeting/friendship/relationship to the days of brad.
they were always having "medicinal" conversations or "intellectual" conversations.
i didnt really understand what i was missing out on at that time.
they would have these deep, hilarious talks and discus really irrelevant matters.
brians so nice he even let brad borrow the shirt right off his back.
one time he even took us to meet the japanese emperor.
it was a thrilling experience.
and he either sang a song about him, or a poem or something.
i wish i oculd remember.
weve done lots of fun things together.
we went to the cassia county fair,
the car ride alone was the best EVER!
with whole "what" pancakes and all :]
we went to steadmans.
we went to pinetop.
we went hot tubbing.
we climbed on the apartement roof where i got stuck.
weve spent more than one occasion just hanging out at tobs.
hes just such a nice boy!
and hilarious without even trying!
i always get so excited to see him!!
he saved my life once.
we were caving in smiths crack and got to a part that i didnt remember at all.
brian had already crossed this HUGE canyon thing.
you had to cross over this and lift your leg way high to get across.
i couldnt get my leg up high enough.
i was so afraid i was going to be stuck.
brian, from across the trench reached out his hand and grabbed onto mine and hoisted me not only across the huge trench but pretty much just pulled me up him until i could latch on to something.
and he did it all once handed.
he is amazing.

the lindsey and brian show.


halloween 09?


hot springs.

breakfast at pinetop.





Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#85 all things cowboy.

im sure this comes as no shock to anyone whos read this.
but boy do i have a thing for cowboy stuff.
i say cowboy "stuff" because its not necessarily the cowboys i like.
just the lifestyle.
wide open spaces.
getting to be oustide.
fresh air.
clean air.
everyone waves when they drive passed you.
stuff like that.
i just love the free feeling.
i love country roads.
the mountains our your bak door.
no building or houses.
branding cows.
its all great.
and heres my favorite cowboy picture.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#84 fwie wice!

i forgot what i was missing out on until some boy [i will not name names] had a food conversation with me the other night.
i started CRAVING fried rice.
and the good kind, not the panda express kind!
and then he told me he fulfilled his craving the next day.
and i was still bummed!
so at school today i was working really hard,
you know facebooking.
and some boy gets online and asks if my cravings been fulfilled yet.
of course not!
i cant afford to eat anything but ramen noodles!
we keep talking ,
you know.
and suddenly theres an asian at the door.
looking for me.
with lunch.
it was seriously the best moment EVER.
this boy, who doesnt even live in salt lake, bought me lunch and had it delivered to me at school!!!
im still in shock.
i loved it.
and i LOVE fried rice!

ok mine seriously looked 100 times better than that!
and tasted a million times better!

p.s. i hope you read this as "fwie wice" every time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

#83 ties.

i dont mean the kinda tie when both teams win and nobody loses.
i mean neck ties.
i was looking around and church yesterday and some of the boys had some pretty sweet ties on.
they make some nice designs.
and some are VERY catchy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

need a quick uplifting?

watch me!

*dont worry, its not like the beyonce video.

#82 blue eyes.

i have a confession.
sometimes i get really excited about whatever it is im gonna write my next post on...
and then by the time i actually get around to doing it im so worn out i just want it to be over.
so some of them are soooo lame.
my apologies.
hopefully this isnt one of those times because blue eyes i reeeeeeeeally love!

i often get comments about having "really pretty" blue eyes.
and sometimes when i dont get comments i think 'what are you people, nuts?? my eyes look GREAT today!'
not only do i love my blue eyes,
but i love BOYS with blue eyes!
[are you enjoying reading this yet dad??]
one of the first things i notice on them.
did you catch that i said one of the first, not first?
pretty sure features i notice on the opposite sex in he order i notice them are as follows:
1. ears...gotta make sure theyre level and the same size and shape.
2. eyes.
3. teeth...gotta love a one-time brace face.
4. foot/shoe size.
i'll  stop dads still reading this.
anyway, i think my whole fam. lucked out in getting the blue eyed gene.
[which i just tried to spell as gean...]
and i truly am a sucker for a dark haired boy with blue eyes.
gets me every time.
you just wait im gonna marry a blonde haird brown eyed boy...
isnt life funny??
prepare for mass overload of random pictures of me and my blue-eyes boys!

and now im ticked because i just waited 32 minutes for the rest of my pictures to load and they never did!!
dang you blog...

Monday, January 10, 2011

#81 phones that work.

and i dont mean the kind that just get service everywhere
and dont drop calls
and send texts immediately.
i mean the kind that can still hold a charge,
will actually charge while plugged in,
dont randomly shut off when trying to view pictures.
because thats exactly whats happened with my phone!
i even dropped my previous phone in the swimming pool...and it still worked wonderfully!
this one,
ive had it only like 6 months and already somethings wrong with the charger and connection because it takes me like 10 minutes of wiggling it back and forth and getting it in there just right for it to charge.
and if someone calls or texts im screwed and the process starts over again.
i just dont see it lasting another 18 months.
dear verizon,
please step up.
i was a fan of you until recently.
you have lots of customers counting on you to not screw them over.
dont lose me on this one.
lindsey...daughter of the man whos calling you a liar!

#80 being left handed.

im not sure why.
but i feel so unique for being left handed...

yea, me and the other 15% of the world.
apparently im left handed thanks to more exposure to testosterone while in the womb.
although i love it,
heres some obstacles us south paws face that you righties dont even think about!
keep in mind...
2,500 left handers die each year using products designed for right handers.
[although im not sure what these people were doing??]

- right handed scissors.
a very common tool, are arranged so that the line being cut along can be seen by a right-handed user, but is obscured to a left-handed user. Furthermore, the handles are often molded in a way that is difficult for a left-hander to hold, and extensive use in such cases can lead to varying levels of discomfort. Most importantly, the scissoring or shearing action - how the blades work together (how they are attached at the pivot) - operates correctly for a right-hander, but a left-hander will tend to force the blades apart rather than shearing the target substance.
- computer mouses.
input devices for computers can present obstacles for the left-handed when optimized for the right. Some computer installations have the computer mouse placed on the right side of the keyboard and unable to be reposition to the left. The mouse itself is also sometimes shaped to fit the right hand better. Most operating systems allow a user to reverse the functionality of mouse buttons to accommodate left-handed use.
** i admit, because ive grown up this way always, it doesnt bug me.
and its nice to be able to take notes and scroll down the computer at the same time.
- the dial for time changing on wrist watches is always on the wrong side.
- can openers.
- rulers.
- spiral notebooks.
- fishing reels.
- measuring cups.
- pencil sharpener.
- writing.
- desks with a flip up writing surface invariably have this mounted on the right hand side.
- guns.
- cameras.
being left handed means we must compensate for a right-handed world.
bet you didnt realize how easy you had it, huh?
famous lefties include:
Ronald Reagan  
Prince William of England
Judy Garland

Tim Allen
Nicole Kidman

Lisa Kudrow
Marilyn Monroe

Steve Young
Larry Bird
Barry Bonds
Ken Griffy Jr.

oh and did you even know theres a day of celebration for being left handed?
august 13th.
you better believe ill be celebrating!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

#79 the biggest loser.

i remember watching the first season and thinking this is a cool show!
a good idea!
and then i kinda lost track for most of the seasons and didnt keep up with the show.
well thank goodness for tv shows that air on the internet!
thats seriously the only tv i watch.
ours here is covered in dust.
i couldnt tell you the last time i sat down to watch it.

i just wastched the first episode of the newest season...
ill be made me tear up a few times.
i feel for those people.
i know its a huge self esteem issue.
been there, done that.
maybe not with weight.
but other things for sure...acne.
for a long time i used to think 'id rather have acne then struggle with weight'
and looks like karmas a bi...
i HAVE struggled with acne.
and NOTHING i do or did in the past worked.
i cant even count the days i would look in the mirror and cry because of how red and inflammed my entire face was.
or because of how rough the texture is, and all the dark scars i have now.
i cant imagine how much more difficult it must be for some of the people on that show.
and the crappy thing is,
thats their identifier.
people only see them as overweight.
not as somebodys mom, brother, cousin.
the thing is watching this season they were all such GOOD people.
i just have a lot of respect for them for trying to lose weight.
and especially for letting america document it.
props to them!
i think im gonna be hooke this season!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#78 little miss-match.

i realize that this blog has basically turned into things i love.
which is partially what it was supposed to be.
i wanted more ME.
i wanted my friends to read it [or not] and be like:
'oh yea. thats the vain-little-bi...that i know!'
and so ive decided to put more random things about me as my greatest things.
and i think anyone who knows me would agree that my socks set me apart from most other people.
its jsut a habit ive grown into over the years.
normally, something like this would give me ocd.
but this is the one subject thats cured me of it.
miss matched socks.
i can NEVER find 2 matching socks.
1 little socky always gets lost and i feel bad not wearing 1 sock just because it doesnt have a mate!
and most people rarely see them anway...unless its my friends or family whos house im walking around in shoe-less.
i say, as long as they came out of the same pack so theyre the "same" sock whats the big deal?
all thats different is the colors/desig/pattern.
i love all my socks equally.
if its in my sock gonna wear it!

p.s. check this out
they sell socks in 3's!!!!
[thanks for the heads up elle].

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#77 puffy vests with fur.

this really could be 2 seperate posts,
because 1- i love puffy vests.
and 2- i love ur hoods.
but together...FANTASTIC!!!!!
i am a huge fan of puffy vests.
im not sure what it is exactly...but i LOVE fur lined hoods.
not real fur, obviously.
but the phony stuff.

i love it,
i just love it!
im pretty sure this kid deserves his own post...
but ill save that for another day.
furry hooded puffy vests!
furry hooded puffy vests!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#76 not-real-shoes.

i have cankles????

im pretty sure ive posted this picture before.
who cares,
get over it!
i love not real shoes.
theyre not quite slippers,
and obviously, theyre not real shoes!
ive had these little diddys for a few years
got them for christmas either 08 or 09.
mom done did good on that one!
they keep my feet WARMER,
and theyre cute!
i sometimes wear them as real shoes in the summer.
when its not wet outside.
and now...i need to go watch the bachelor :]
happy not-real-shoes day!