Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Testimony.

The last fire Nate was on he had some time to himself alone on a mountain and he took the time to write his testimony. He included his feelings towards me and our future together. Today I have really felt the need to return the favor. So Nate, this is mostly for you (everyone else, just forewarning you you might just gag a little bit...its gonna get sappy).

I know I am a member of the only true church on this earth. I know that I have a Savior who lives and loves me. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored this church to the earth along with all the blessing that come with it.
I am marrying my best friend in 90 days and I couldn't be happier. As we together, and alone, have started preparing for the temple I have just felt blessed beyond measure. I cannot WAIT to marry Nate and be with him forever! I cannot wait to go through the temple! I am so anxious to just go already! I want those blessing, I want to expand my knowledge of the gospel, I want to just go and have that experience and I want to know that I have Nate forever!
I'm so grateful that I have the blessing of easily accessible temples. I know there is a spirit and power there that I won't be able to feel anywhere else. (And I don't think Nate knows this yet, but I secretly hope we do end up getting endowed on the same day because, what an awesome experience that would be to share together!)
I'm so grateful for eternal families and the blessing I have of finding someone who wants an eternal family with ME in it! I look forward to the day that Nate becomes a dad because I know he will be the sweetest dad ever and just the thought melts my heart!
I am especially grateful for the gift of repentance, as Nate and I (though in different ways) have both felt its redeeming power and through it have come to know our Savior and know the love he has for each of us.
Lastly, I just want to tell Nate thank you. For putting up with me always! He is the sweetest, most genuine, not to mention cutest boy ever! He has seen me at my worst and loved me just as much as always! He puts up with me when I'm cranky, moody, sad, upset, angry, and everything in between. He truly knows my heart and I know he understands me without speaking words. He makes every day I spend with him the new best day of my life! He is hardworking, talented, smart, and funny. I am the luckiest girl and I love him more than I could ever put into words! I miss him when he's gone on fires, and love him as much as I can in the short times I get to see him! I sure hope that boy knows what he means to me!
Nate, thanks for being you and choosing me for your infinity and beyond!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Run in with the Lone Peak Hotshots

Not having internet connection 100% of the time makes documenting these things hard!
Sometime around the end of June (I'm going to guess the 28 or 30) Nate's fire crew was on their way from a fire in southern Utah to Wyoming. He texted me and asked if I could meet him at the grocery store just so I could see him for a few minutes since it had been about 5 days since I had seen him.
I asked if he needed anything and he asked for some baby wipes and fingernail clippers, oh and a milkshake! You'd be surprised just how hard it was to find fingernail clippers! I went to the grocery store and 2 beauty supply stores before I gave up and had to drive 10 miles down the road to Target! I picked up everything he asked for an jumped back up on the freeway as they would soon be arriving at the grocer. As I merged back onto I-15 I passed a Lone Peak Hotshot buggy. I sped up to catch the front buggy where Nate was. When I saw him I smiled and waved and blew him know, normal fiance stuff. Then I flashed my phone number too him telling him to give me a call and, well you know, trying to be all seductive and what not.
Unbeknownst to me, there were a few firefighters in the back of the buggy that I couldn't see that thought I was some loosey woman handing out my number!
Nate said they were getting all excited trying to save the number before he shot them all down with, "guys, didn't you see her fat engagement ring?" After a few confused responses one of the guys chirped up, "Red is that your girl?!"

in other news, we babysat my SO cute nephew while my sister and mom went to my cousins family's sealing

and finally, this is what happens when you forget your swimsuit!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

This has been the best weekend!
I think I say that every time I get to hang out with Nate, but it's true. Every time just gets better and better and I can't wait until summers over and he can stop leaving all the time!
He got 3 days off this time which was AWESOME!!
We went to breakfast and Nate ate his weights worth in food :) Then picked up my heels for the wedding, and then got Nate his suit!
And it was awesome! The man helping us was so sweet and friendly and happened to be from Tucson! Talk about a small world! He even was related to some Lunt's (my mom's family) and because of such connections gave us a SMOKIN deal on Nate's suit...regularly $758 we got for just under $250 and he didn't make us pay shipping or anything extra! We loved him!
I went to work and then we just hung out for a bit after work and at midnight he gave me my birthday present which was the sweetest thing EVER!
He recreated a picture of us with colored pencils and wrote wrote the little saying I always tell him over the top. It was SO sweet and the cutest thing ever and I know he spent some time doing it. I LOVE it. And then of course he framed it and since I have no home right now, he gets to keep it in his room with all my other junk :)
He also gave me an ipod touch since I've just been using my brothers I have my own!!
Friday the 13th-
This was my actual birthday and it was so fun! My mom and sister were attending my cousins family sealing in Bountiful so we met them up there and babysat my littlest nephew. He was such a god boy and we had a lot of fun. Then we went to the family luncheon and talked with everyone and Nate got to meet the cousins and we just had fun laughing and talking. Then we ran around town shopping and headed to my aunt's house.  We went to chinese for dinner with my grandma and aunt Sharon and it was delicious! Then had my favorite red velvet cheesecake since Nate is so awesome and bought a whole one!
We went to visit some family friends and then to a family reunion in Alpine. The weather this weekend was fantastic! It rained for a bit but it was still warm without being hot!
I'm so glad Nate got to hang out with us for the whole weekend! It made me so happy to have him here for my actual birthday because I didn't think that would happen! It's amazing how well his days off have worked out this summer!
We are getting married in 97 days and it can't come soon enough!!
I sure do love that boy and want him to know how thankful I am to him for such an amazing weekend!
I sure hope these 14 days go super fast!