Friday, March 11, 2011

#104.5 pictures continued.

so i think its really really lame that blogger here wont let me upload all the pictures i want in 1 post!
it topped me out before i was ready!
who knew there was a limit.
i think thats really lame.
so i saved the best for last.
heres part 2 that youve been so anxiously waiting for
[yes, the whole 2 minutes between posts].
ok lies...i thought it was just for the post.
but apparently ive used up all the free storage this blog is allotted!
are you serious??
i think THATS really lame.
it wants me to pay $20 for more storage!
no thanks.
not sure where to go from here!
what is this world coming to?!?!

#104 pictures.

for those of you who DONT know me...
im a picture junkie.
and always gotta get best out of 3.
this move has really put a damper on my picturing skills.
i havent had time to take more or even upload the ones i have to my computer until now!
so heres an overload of events from my life..
you get to look at my face!
heres pics from alpha retreat:
me and blair.
being awesome as usual.
janas face is AWESOME.
and blair.
me and danielle cuddling on the freaking awesome cuddle couch!
yours truly.

thursdays are the best nights:
kelli and steve at albertos.
blair and lindsey at albertos.
we're kind of a big deal.
people know us.
and the creepy kid in back.
kelli, chelsy, missy, mac, and steve.
kellis prof.
kellis easy. 

now to friday night partys:
love her super excited face!!!!!!!
cant remember his name.
best pres. ever!!
diana and missy.
clinton came!
missy and clinton.
if you can guess who shes impersonating you get 5 dollars.

and there you have it folks.
the first installment of the drama life of lindsey.
the 2nd will be even better!
stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#103 sore muscles.

not sure if this is really number 103 but whatevs, just go with it.
its been a crazy week!
im trying to get back on track here...
but who knows if things will ever settle down.
my top priorities right now are:
1- shower!!!!
2- find clean clothes!!!
3- find a place to live.
4- brush my teeth.
anyway, last night kelli and clint and i were watching teen mom and somehow kelli convinced homeboy to give her a back massage!
so of course i had to get on in the action too.
i forgot how sore moving makes you!
ive only moved twice in the last 4 days!
no big deal right?!
anyway, probably one of the best back massages EVER!
even if it was only like 10 seconds long.
i also was able to convince him later to massage my foot.
you read that right.
foot not feet.
my ankles getting worse instead of better.
weird right?
but i think it might have to do with the million billion steps i walked up and down on saturday.
and moving.
heres an updated pic.
i know people only like to read blogs for the pics.
so heres some random of my neph in the awesome hat i so kindly purchased on his behalf!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

day 2.

thats right,
2 in a row!!!
day 2 of pictures include...
and my cankle.
this picture doesnt do it justice.
it really is nice and black and blue.
however the funny thing is that it doesnt even hurt where the bruise is!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

a picture a day.

work gets a little boring some days.
not yesterday though.
man oh man were we slammed!
but so far todays been a slow day.
eventful, but slow.
and with this bum ankle i cant really go bug any classes.
ive added a picture of my cankle for your viewing pleasure.
[and this is 4 days later...]

morning started like this:
6:47am- up and at em!
7:32am- annoying roommate was in the kitchen so i left without breakfast as i am SO over this place and read to live in my new house TOMORROW!!!!
7:51am- arrive at work.
7:53am- still hobbling in from the parking lot.
8:06am- unlock all the doors and turn on all the lights, takes waaaay too long because of the darn stairs!!!!
8:33am- check all the messages, reassign appointments because half the brats dont show up ever!
8:59am- listen to girl call police because theres a creepy old dude thats been hanging around our school full of girls..
9:27am- eat breakfast.
and here we are...
what a day eh?