Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i mean seriously.
when im bored,
youtube ALWAYS fixes it!
you can find anything.
any entertainment.
my all time favorite would be this one...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phwyk8ARu-U
shhhh! dont tell andy!

other favorites include this guy:

and kinda this one:

and kinda this one and this one:

and this for sure:

and maybe this too:

oh this:

this ones funny:

ok ok thats all ill share for now!

and heres me and my cutie little bother with no more braces!

Monday, August 30, 2010

#24 the fair!

i love all things fair.
the food.
the rides.
the concerts.
the animals.
and most of all...
that crazy trashy redneck crowds they attract!
i pretty much uploaded all my pics from the western idaho fai in the last post.
but heres some from last yr at the cassia county.
and fler and i are going to the blackfoot fair in a few weeks so more to come then!
enjoy my life!

#23 LUKE BRYAN...and concerts.

A- i know,
i have like a billion years of catching up to do.
2- have i mentioned before how much i LOVE luke byan?!?!
and d- im back!

ok first of all...Luke.
i LOVE him.
hands down, hes my biggest celebrity crush.
and thanks to jennifer,
i got to see him up close and personal on wednesday!
[prepare for a looooong post].
so jennifer won these tickets on the radio.
and turns out they were vip.
not that it really meant anything except we got free dinner!
but that was pretty sweet.
and then i had a dream about luke.
i was wearing my sweet shirt that took 12 1/2 hrs to make!
anyway, in this dream i was linked arms with him,
sitting on a wall, resting my head on his shoulder.
it was fantastic.
i only wish it was real.
i would jump that boys bones in a heartbeat!
ok now for the concert part.
#23 really is concerts.
i love them!
theyre so fun!
lets see if i can think of all the people ive seen...
mae (2).
luke bryan.
jason aldean.
jack ingram.
gary alan.
eli young band.
the harters.
keith anderson.
the lost trailers.
reel big fish.
the format.
dashboard confessional.
blink 182.
taking back sunday.
new found glory.
red jumpsuit aparatus.
boys like girls.
relient k.
ok and millions more,
i could go on forever.
i didnt realize i was such a junkie!

i love concerts blah blah blah.
but let me just tell you about the luke concert.
k so first of all,

jennifer only won 2 tickets but somehow they screwed up and she got 4.
sweet deal on our part.
thanks mix106 for screwing up!
ok so fast forward through uncle kracker and running in to will and all that nonsense.
next comes cutting through the crowd.

i still love the guy,
but crowd wise...probably the worst concert crowd ever.
poor lukey.
so anyone whos been to a concert knows that people dont stand still,
you get pushed and shoved,

people move around and stand in front of you so you cant see, and move some more,
well apparently all the people at lukeys had NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT.
becuase not only did Bronson, Jennifer and Lance get chewed out,
but we ended up doing some chewing ourselves.
to all lukes concert goers i say:
you are SO dumb!
you are REALLY dumb!
for REAL!
[thank you antoine dodson].

im too tired to write all the details,
but these girls were effing dumb!
they were sooo mad that we moved around.
be serious girls.

i was there for luke not you.
get over yourself.
thanks jennifer!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


ok im working on the next one
just give me a minute.
funny conversation between me and erika today went as follows...
Lindsey: they keep saying the right person will come along, I think mine got hit by a truck.
Erika: mine drowned or something.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

just a side note...

i have the cutest stinking nephew EVER!!!!
eat him up ladies!
ps regular blogging will resume when i get home from my vaca home.
or maybe friday...

Monday, August 23, 2010

#22 little caesars pizza.

truly one of the greatest inventions ever.
5 dollar pizza?!
erika and i usually share and each eat half.
its pretty great.
i could probably eat a whole one by myself though!
who cares!
soooo good!
even if its not good for you!
and for some reason i feel he need to share this quote with all my blog followers...
yes, all 4 of you.

if you cant be good...
be good at it!

p.s....wheres that tuft of hair coming from?
is it chest hair?
or a goatee?
how do you even spell goatee???

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#21 singing jason derulo in the car to random drivers.

ok first of all thanks to Lance for the idea.
even though she suggested it be #20,
i was already halfway through that one.
and in case you didnt notice,
it was really loooong.
and took a looooong time.
cause my pictures are so NOT organized.
shocker, eh?
well its true.
i love singing in the car.
especially to jason derulos 'in my head'
its probably one of my top 3 favorite songs to sing EVER.
if you dont know it,
its really funny.
my favorite parts in the backgroung when he just pretty much moans,
how dirty can these songs get?!
i really do love to belt
[belt? is that the right term?
oh well]
this song out at the top of my lungs.
but even more fun is being stopped at stoplights and singing it to the person in the car next to you!
like one time,
flerika and i were driving to my house and pulled up next to a semi decent looking male specimen.
she turned the song up way loud and i danced and sang it to him for a good minute.
he loved it so much he even started dancing and signing back.
though he wasnt so confident.
its happened a few times since,
but that was the best reaction.
most guys just look freaked and
- flip me off
- turn away
- scoot forward
- wish the light would change.
well another cool story.
i dont think it was jason derulo,
but it was still singing and dancing in the car.
so fler and i went to boise a few weekends ago.
on the way back there was a little pickup [and i do mean LITTLE PICKUP]
with a mattress in the back.
well erika and i checked out the driver and passenger,
and though they werent completely attractive,
they werent completely hideous.
and they definitely saw us checking them out as we passed.
so all the way to mountain home we just kept up with each other,
and when they finally passed us again i was singing and dancing to them.
so when we passed them,
same thing.
this happend 5-6 times.
well i have this old for sale sign in my car.
except the for sale signs cut off and its just my phone numer,
when we see cute boys we flash it to them.
so i was like should i do the number thing?
and erikas like no theyre not that cute!
so we didnt,
but when they passed us they had their number written on a paper in the window!
so i held mine up too!
so erika starts texting these boys.
oh ps erika and i were stopping in mountain home to eat dinner with her bro and sis in law.
well turns out these boys also lived in mt home!
what are the chances!
so after we stopped we met up with them and they bought us tcby...or something?
i cant remember now!
butthey but us smoothies.
see what i mean about loving to car dance to people?

and heres a random picture of my feet peeling...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#20 idaho.

its my favorite place ever.

and i didnt really realize how much i LOVED it until i left.
i love boise.

i love burley.

i love pocatello.

i love moscow.

i love mccall.

i love rexburg.

i love declo.

i love almo.

i love idaho!
favorite things in idaho include, but are not limited to:
- lucky peak.

- table rock.

- kuna cave.

- malad gorge.

- steadmans.

- merritts.

- bruneau sand dunes.

- train depot.

- boys and girls club.

- home.

- bogus basin.

and much much more!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

#19 running.

i used to HATE running.
but now,
i kinda like it.
i still suck at it!
but it gives me something to do.
and i feel better about myself!
and i love my shoes!
[wish mine were this clean!]
and i bought this little yellow tank top to go running in,
but im not fat enough to keep it tight.
so it looks goofy.
i just realized i dont even own a sports bra.
not that i need one.
but i WANT one.
im NOT a real girl...

its on my shopping list!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

#18 rain.

today, in the middle of lunch, there was a HUGE rainstorm.
monsoon really.
i LOVE summer rainstorms.
this one was pretty intense though.
with the wind and everything.
but erika and i were REALLY craving candy...
and we each had quarters in our car.
so we covered our heads with sheets and wraps and ran to our cars.
by the time my door was unlocked i was about as wet as if id just jumped in a pool.
from the comfort of my car i texted erika:
'this was a terrible horrible no good very bad idea!'
i got my quarters and ran back for the school.
once inside the school i bought some candy and was putting my stuff away when i realized i didnt have my keys!!!
i looked everywhere and i KNEW id put them in my pocket!
this meant 1 of 2 things.
a- i locked them in my car
2- i lost them in the parking lot that now looked more like a river.
i was already soaked up to my knees so i figured what the heck,
id brave the storm again and go find my keys.
i covered my head,
which didnt really matter since the wind blew it off my head in 5 seconds.
i looked in my car but didnt see them.
and the wind was blowing the rain so bad i could barely open my eyes.
then i heard someone yell my name.
i looked over and there was a guy talking on a cell phone under the overhang of the business next door.
he was dangling my keys!
[oh ps the reason he knew my name is cause my license and school id are attached :]
andyway i ran over to him and thanked him a bajillkion times and ran back inside!
like dripping wet.
so i went upstairs and put my pants and socks in the dryer at school.
while they were drying i went to the computer lab.
and thats when the real fun started!
there were about 5 different puddles soaking the floor.
the far wall was completely soaked and looked like a waterfall.
and the roof around one light fixture was leaking.
it was a mess!!!
all the electrical cords and power strips for the cimputers were soaked.
we went and got one of the admin to come look.
she was a little shocked i think.
and mad at the roofers!
so she turned everything off, and also pretended to electricute [i dont think ive ever tried to spell that word] herself which was pretty funny.
thanks whitney.
anyway, we got a bunch of towels and cleaned up the floor.
it literally felt like a rainforest in there!
moral of the story?
it ended with kim suggrsting a brilliant idea to me and flerika.
stick your head in the skin scanner and take sweeeeeeeet pics!
so here they are!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#17 hot tubs.

i LOVE to hot but.
even in the summer!
i think not!
i just love to be really super warm all over!
and thank goodness my good buddy cris has one!
and he often invites me over for hot tub parties!
usually its like 5 girls and him...
i think he does that on purpose.
either way,
im glad i get invited.
and thanks to cris for sharing his tub!
even if it does leave stains on flerikas back...
heres some real cute pics of hot tubbing.
please excuse my immodesty,
im working on that

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#16 cowboy boots.

i mostly just love MY cowboy boots...
but ive seen some other girls wear them well too.
and some boys.
some boys are REALLY dang hot in cowboy boots!
i got mine for cheap,
in the childrens section at D&B.
but theyre legit boots.
i love them sooooooooooo much.
i also invested in a $9 pair of a little fancier boots.
no pics of those yet.
i love my real ones better!
and ps one week from today ill be HOME!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

#15 paint.

i dont me the stuff using a brush.
i mean picture i make on the computer program paint!
they are soooo fun!
i love making them.
as a joke i made my wedding.
and also i copied anothing picture of myself and painted it.
its quite entertaining.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#14 milky ways.

if you know me,
this should come as NO shock.
im addicted.
straight up CRAVE these babies!
i eat at least 2 a week.
sometimes 2 a DAY!
on bad days anyway.
i cant even express just how much i love these!!!

#13 the log ride.

i couldnt find a picture of lagoons log ride...
this will have to suffice.

flerika and i went to lagoon yesterday.
then we left and i went to work.
then we went back for more!
it was a nice break from school.
minus all the hours i have to makeup now!
oh well,
it just hit me that im only 2 months from being done!
we did all the fun rides.
i hadnt been on wicked.
we did it twice.
it was sooooo fun though.
all day i just wanted to do the log ride.
beats me why its so my favorite!
i jsut remember LOVING that ride as a kid.
and wanting to do it again and again and again!
erika was nice enough to humor me and take me on it.
and it didnt disappoint.
i loved it all the same.
i even sang her pocahontas, 'just aroung the riverbend' as we floated.
it was quite romantic.
and i was just as excited as if i were still 8.
i remember always going on it with my dad.
dont really remember specifics except that we always got a huge splash and drenched!
but im SOOOO glad i got to go!

also, i walked by the "little old lady who lived in a shoe"
i remember thinking that shoe-house was HUGE!
and this time it seemed soooo dinky!

ok one other funny story from the day,
in case you dont know me,
im kind of an idiot and like to do really dumb things!
so we were on the boat ride.
i wish i knew ride names!
the one where you just swing back and forth.
and it was just me and erika so i kept pretending i was sooooo scared!
and i did my seagul scream.
[those of you who DONT have the pleasure of knowing what this is,
please forgive me.
and lets do something exciting so i can show you!]
anyway, i was doing that and also screaming at the wrong time.
most people scream when their side of the boats up in the air,
i waited until my side was coming down or down to scream.
i guess im just annoying?
well i did it a few times and finally this boy in front of me,
like 12 yrs old!
turns around and is like
"youre screaming at the WRONG time!
you have to do it when we go UP!!"
and he was so mad!!
well, that didnt stop me!
i kept doing it.
he just kept turning around and glaring.
eventually the ride stopped and thank goodness cause erika and i were about to die of laughter.
lagoons probably the best ab workout ive done in a long time!

its what fun is.

Friday, August 13, 2010

#12 family.

love these boys!

today was kind of hard for me to think of something great in my life.

kind of a crapper day.
i mean, it was really fun!
went to lagoon with flerika and her fam.
but in the end,
it really just made me want my own family.
i wanna have my own cute little kids to chase around and ride rides with!
but with acne like mine pretty much not-gonna-happen status on that.
so for now, it just my family.

[this pictures a little outdated...were plus 1 now]
who i really do love alot!
my little bother [yes, i called him my bother on purpose] is one of my recently new favorite people!
hes so so great and im really excited for him to move to provo and go to byu!
i want to go visit him all the time!

and my other little bother,
well hes not so little anymore.
in fact hes HUGE!
i feel like in the 5 months ive been gone hes grown out of being a little kid and into being a man!
weird that hes gonna start driving soon!

my sister,
well i owe her for giving me the greatest nephew in the world!
i just LOVE that kid!
its crazy!
i feel like i already know him so well,
and i miss him all the time!
oh, and i guess tylers to thank for that also.
[doesnt he just remind you of doby the house elf?!]

my parents are pretty great too.
i owe them alot.
theyve put up with a lot of shananigans out of this one.
but theyre 2 of my favorite people.
we may not be the closest family...
but ill take it!