Sunday, October 31, 2010


weird, right?
i am actually graduating from something besides high school...
though its not technically a degree...
im super excited about it.
and the best part is i LOVE everything ive learned.
and im excited to start working...
hmm, thats funny.
i hate working!
but hopefully this will be different.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#2 on the list of things i hate

its sooooo gross!
i HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was gonna put a picture of hair in food but it made me gag just looking at the first one...

youre welcome.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

#52 haunted houses.

so i dont really get scared from stuff like this...
but i still find it super entertaining.
it makes me jump,
and laugh.
and laughing i love.

and i always try to scare the characters back which i thinks fun.
tonight flerika, annalee, grant and i went to nightmare on 13th street.
it was pretty good i have to say.
it took at least half an hour to go through if not longer.
it had allsorts of stuff.
they took your pictures.
and it was just fun!

my favorite part was where you walked into a room that was slanted up and there was a guy standing on a platform that stretched out from the middle and once you were in the room started tipping so you slid back down towards the guy.
it was so cool and super funny!
my other favorite was you had to walk through this tunnel that was probably close to 10 yards long if not longer and it was spinning and the platform you walked across was spinning as well and so if you didnt hold on to the railings to pull yourself along then you would just keep slamming into the railing on the right!
it was hilarious.

i may have a bruise on my right hip form it though...
erika was sorta wussy and just held on to my sweatshirt the whole time.
but i was just laughing and id randomly scream at the least scary parts.
one of the characters even told me i had one of the best screams shed ever heard!
and then she gave me 2 thumbs up!

nightmare on 13th street...i give YOU 2 thumbs up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

#51 fhe.

family. home. evening.
forget. having. e-fun.
lets be honest here,
i go to fhe strictly to socialize.
which is kind of funny because i know a total of 2 people in my ward.
and its not like were even friends...just acquaintances.
and actually 1 of them hasnt even come to church since the 1st sunday i went there...
but i really do enjoy meeting people.
so i try to go and socialize as best i can,
which i admit can be a challenge sometimes.
so kelli and i went to a tri-ward fhe today.
and as usual everyone had their group of friends already so it was she and i sittin alone at our table.
we knew a few guys from another ward but they wouldnt even branch out and sit with us.
apparently we ARE that intimidating.
but finally the cutest little painter [that was his costume] came and sat with us!
he was so nice and so cute and so funny!
i think we kind of scared him...
which is too bad cause i would totally have a crush on him!
but he stay and talked to us for at least an hour!
and then he and his bud walked us to the car!
it was so sweet.
keeps my faith alive that theirs still good guys out there!
thank you dustin.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

#50 craving day.

first of all,
is it weird that this is number 50??
i think its weird.
that means im halfway done!
then what?
hmm...firugre that out later i guess.
so craving day...
i love craving day.
craving day is one day a week when we just eat everything we've been craving for days!!!!
today craving day included:
- chili con queso.
- chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
- and me and kelli.

Friday, October 15, 2010

#49 compliments.

in case you dont know me,
i cant take a compliment.
it makes me feel so uncomfortable and weird.
i love-hate them.
love them because who doesnt love hearing good things about themselves??
hate them because then i feel obligated to compliment back, i feel like people are just sucking up, they donr really mean it, blah blah blah.
a few times recently ive been complimented, sincerely, for random things.
my response is usualyl "yea right! what a joke!" or something just as mean.
and then people are like "im never complimenting you again!"
well, a few of my bff-or-whatevers have blog-complimented me.
and i just wanted to send them a shout out.
i love that you love me.
see what i mean?
but seriously...
i think its really nice of htem and makes me feel good.
especially this one..."she's one of my absolute favorite people because she just doesn't care what people think and encourages me to be as trashy as I like!"
and to anyone whos ever cimplimented me and had me return the favor with a smart-ass remark...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

oh! i almost forgot!

and a BIG happy birthday to this guy!
[sorry for the crappy pictures pops...i was limited]
today he's 51!
i used to think that was so old but in my mind my dads stuck as that 38-year-old-fat-guy :]

i inherited his double, i mean quadruple chin.

#48 continued...

so we did a Jessners chemical peel in class today...
heres the results.
can you see my lines of demarcation?!
it looks like i had a star on my cheek.
but i didnt.
please dont mind the acne...
im working on it.
p.s. this picture was taken 5 hours AFTER the peel...
just for the info...
Jessners is like the strongest peel an esthetician can do.
and its self neutralizing so pretty much you just sit there cringing until the burning stops.
or in erikas case your face burns all night.
and she even got fanned for like 20 minutes hahahha
funny how peoples skins so different.
14% lactic acid for hydration
14% salicylic for antibacterial
14% resorcinol...which i cant remember what that is for right off.
something great im sure.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#48 chemical peels.

so i figured since im almost done with school maybe i should mention some of the things i love about it and am going to miss?
believe it or not i AM going to miss all the CRAZIES.
and the drama.
and the facials.
and relaxing.
and waking up at 7am.
and not getting home till 7pm.
and inside jokes.
and laughing.
and making fun of people.
and taking apts.
and being glad when apts cancel.
and alicia the receptionist.
and janis, and kara, and angeline.
and free product.
and lame homework assignments.
and copying work books.
and watching youtube.
and checking apts every 10 seconds.
and never having any towels.
and doing laundry.
and erika
and everything else related.
so i was super nervous to get a chemical peel.
and for good reason!
they hurt!
but i really love them!
i totally recommend them to anyone.
and theyre just kinda fun!
last time we did one my face peeled for like 4 days!
but now my skin in that spots looking pretty och-a-t.
[if you dont get that joke, dont worry...
i think fler is the only one that knows,
just pretend i spelled hot].
its an interesting sensation for sure.
its like mostly just itchy.
and you jsut wanna scratch your face off.
but at hte same time youre like
"hmm this isnt so bad, nothing i cant handle.
just gonna tough it out"
and then youre like wait...
"10! 10! my face is at a 10!!!! ahhhh!!!!!"
and then you take it off and youre like
"dang...i should have gone longer..." pic.
i dunno how to show a chemical peel...
just wait till im licensed and hit me up.
i'll let you feel the burn!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#47 halloween.

im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for halloween.
which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny bcause i dont have any friends to have any fun plans with!
but im still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.
also funny because i dont even have a costume.
well fler and i have an idea...
but we'll see if that actually happens.
heres som pics of halloweens past.
can you guess what i am in ANY of them?!!?

and here's just a lovely shot of yours truly to keep your hearts warm :]

Monday, October 11, 2010

#46 spaghetti and meatballs!

i made this for dinner tonight.
and i forgot how much i really love it.
i like it best with angel hair pasta!
and i love having leftovers for school tomorrow!
happy monday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

#45 temporary tattoos.

this is my recently acquired tattoo sleeve.
pretty tight right?
i went to a birthday party and this was an option.
and a dang good one!
happy birthday elle.
and thanks for the awesome tats.
and the fun times.
and the trady jokes.
and for letting me use your phone.
and for being awesome.
and enjoying my company.
and for laughing at my jokes!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#43 my electric blanket.

this is by far one of the greatest inventions ever.
now if they could just make electric socks, shirts, and pants that would be great.
seriously though, i use this thing year round.
for those of you who arent lucky enough to know me personally,
i am cold blooded.
im ALWAYS cold.
except when im going through menopause and get cray hot flashes [thanks flerika].
no really,
my feet are always freezing.
like right now,
definitely cant feel them.
so every day when i get ready for bed i turn my blanket on,
go brush my teeth and wash my face and come back and get in my nice warm bed!
its fantastic!
i love love love having warm feet at night!
if i forget to turn my blanket off...
i wake up a few hours later drenched in sweat and dying of thirst.
but i still LOVE my electric blanket!
and its even nicer in the winter!
it did wonders living in rexburg.
but heres some sad news,
i think maybe possibly i need to invest in a new one.
you see mine only gets warm on HALF the blanket now!
whats up with that?!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

#42 postsecret.
i look forward to sunday every week for this reason.
well and a few others.
but mostly o love postsecret.
the idea and thought of it just intruiges me.
i like to pretend most of them are for me.
i also like to save my favorites.

Friday, October 1, 2010

#41 pictures.

did no one notice i had 4 #40's?
way to be observant people!
just kidding.
probably no one mentioned it because no one reads this...
except erika.
she always does.
sometimes she even cries when she reads it.
precious, huh?
well i have a few favorite pics.
and i dont mean pictures of myself
even though yea, i love those too.
these are just cleverly cute.
2 of my favorites ever!
no i didnt take either.
im not sure where they came from.
but great job whoever took em!