Sunday, February 27, 2011

#103 kickboxing.

back in my rexburg days my roommate jilian [1 L] and i used to go to a kickboxing class once in a while.
ok, i think she went religously,
i would go mostly but not always.
it was stinkin hard!
well recently my wards put on a kickboxing production on tuesday nights!
its super fun and way hard!
the girl that teaches is one of the counselors daughter-in-law.
and shes a legit teacher.
works at a gym teaching or something like that.
well kelli has been into it for a while,
only she takes legit classes at a gym.
and for v-day her parents bought her stuff.
awesome, right??
she brought them over a few days ago.
well actually they were just in her car and she brought them inside.
it was pretty funny.
so she and danielle and i played around for a bit.
its way harder with the actual gloves too.
but still awesome.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

and so it goes.

the consensus seems to be that this should continue.
maybe not the way it was previously going,
but some people seem to think my lifes entertaining!
speaking of entertaining have you met my dad?
hes hilarious!
check him out here:
so, ok.
heres what i think will happen.
this will still be called 101greatest thing.
partly because i dont know how to change it, or if you CAN change a blog name?
partly because i dont want to confuse any of you 4 who are already so smitten with my life.
erog, i must go on.
so for now ill just share my favorite thing i learned this week (thank you womens health magazine)
some of you lucky ones got this in an email.
for those not so lucky...youll love this.

- iphone users are sluttier than droid or blackberry users.
ok, so maybe they didnt use the word slutty, 
but in comparison by age 30:
droid users had 6 sex partners, 
blackberry have 9,
and iphone users had 12.

and heres a pic of me, not a slut.
because i dont have an iphone.

p.s. my mom called me yesterday just to tell me im funny :]
gotta love her!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

game over.

alright, so ive pretty much exhausted my 101 greatest things.
i feel like ive expressed myself enough.
but i dont kno that i can just cut this off.
it wasnt exactly what i had in mind either.
i wanted to have anecdotal proof to back up each of my favorite things.
but i just got so busy!
i cant decide where to go from here...
keep it up?
keep quietly rambling to myself?
or should i just quit while im ahead?
your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


bet you thought this was over, huh?
well think again suckas!
its not over till the fat lady sings!
so heres the next one...

#102 brunch.
 [pictures will be posted shortly...remember how my computer sucks so it takes longer now cause i have to do it at work, and i forgot my camera cord at home, and im at work, so it will have to wait untill tomorrow when i remember to bring my camera cord from home to work!]
ok heres the pics.

whit and kas gettin ready.

just hangin out waitin for the chef to make the crepes!

can you tell who just rolled out of bed?

this was seriously so perfect.
it looked fake.
way to go whitney!

too early to be up.

whitney, danielle and amy enjoying.

candid moment :]

eric owes me sushi.
eric owes whitney steak.
and clints oblivious.

can i just say this was by FAR the best weekend ive had since moving to utah.
friday night:
- gymnastics meet with alpha girls.
- stupid silver jeep who wouldnt let us out of the parking garage
- applebees.
- andrew was in town and stopped by.

- work went smoothly for a saturday.
- bought some new boots.
- got some errands finished.
- visited alicia at work...wished i had a neice to buy all the cute things for!

- bought a cute suprise for my neph. instead!
[they were having a sale! i had to!]
- had a hilariously good time with none other than alicia marshall.
- stayed up waaaaay too late.

- got to sleep in!
- andrew came to church with me!
- love my ward.
- eric let me play angry birds when i couldnt concentrate in sacrament meeting anymore.
- went to ward prayer and somehow we got on some weird disney kick and sang at least part song from every disney movie....ever.
[we were the main event for sure!]
song clips included:
- hes got 75 golden camels.
- im gonna be a mighty king so enemies beware!
- riff- raff, street rat, i dont buy that
- i wanna be a man man cub

- realized i am a fan of justin beiber.
[mainly baby, baby, baby, OH! like baby, baby, baby, OH!]
- and also a fan of glee songs.
- watched the sound of music.
- sang along with the sound of music.- stayed up way too late dancing and listening to music.
- made eric brush all the dang snow off my car before i drove home :]

- brunch at whitney and kasidys with somenew friends.
- totally crushin on a boy there!
- tried nutella for the first time.
- watched graped explode in the microwave for the first time!
- had cafe rio lunch.
- went indoor hot tubing at amys!
- got fed dinner at fhe.
- watched easy a with my new favorite people afterward and again stayed up waaaaay too late talking!
still my favorite line from the movie:
'what are you lookin at sister christian?'
just a couple of admitted whores!

it couldnt have been better.

Monday, February 21, 2011

#101 alpha.

[did i mention i cant download pics from my camera onto my computer anymore??
it makes life difficult.
and blogging even harder because who wants to read a blog with no pictures?!]
so ive been taking my camera to work and putting the pictures on my computer at work and then emailing them to myself and saving on this computer.
sounds hard right?
it is.
and suuuuuper time consuming.
hence the drag between posts.
but here it is.
this is it...
the end.
the cessation.
the close.
the finale.
the wrap up.
what i've been aspiring to all along.
the termination.
the conclusion.
the finish.
so here is my number 101...lambda delta sigma...alpha chapter.
thats my sorority.
and definitely the best decision ive made sense moving to utah.
kelli made me join with her and i was all for it!
pretty much we just paid a bunch of people to be our friends :]
haha kidding.
but it is awesome.
its sort of like a mix between an institute class and just hanging out with your friends.
and theres some really awesome girls.
plus ive actually met some BOYS!
and theyre suprisingly decent far.
we had our first exchange with a frat this week.
we decorated patriotic cakes!
our was clearly the best!
i should have taken a picture of all the final cakes.
there were some good ones.
it was pretty fun.
we meet every thursday night at 7 for a little chat and then activity.
but my favorite part is afterward when a bunch of us go to albertos to eat mexican food and hangout!
so heres my experience so far:

Friday, February 18, 2011

not yet...

but its coming!
i cant promise that 101 is going to anything great and glorious...
but it will be coming shortly.
just gotta fine tune a few things and we'll get 'er done!
for now,
enjoy this:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#100 ruby.

well all my dogs really.
and by mine i mean my families.
and by my families i mean my parents.
cause lets be honest.
we all swore up and down we'd take care of the puppy...once it turned to dog it was all theirs!
ive come to the realization that i dont actually like dogs.
i like the general idea of them,
i think theyre great companions and friends.
and i LOVE my dogs [again, parents dogs really].
but i do not love other people dogs.
i tolerate them.
but i mostly think theyre gross and annoying.
and im sure people think the same of mine.
but ive loved them all!
i remember being too small to see of the counter in out collister house and muffy letting us stand on her back to see over the counter.
i also remember her having puppies.
and i remember my mom bringing her home from a bath and haricut with bows in her hair.
then i remember her getting old and sick and gross.
but i still loved her!
and i remember the day my parents brought holly home for katie for christmas.
and seeing my dad carry her i thought she was a stuffed animal!
i remember her chewing up everything in sight.
and always pulling too hard on the leash.
and dragging me down a hill once.
and bird hunting.
having only 9 nipples.
having puppies in a hole.
having puppies in a swimming pool in the closet.
taking the 8 puppies camping with us [wish i had those pictures!]
and getting sick with diabetes.
and having to get insulin shots twice a day.
and getting skinny.
and going blind.
and running into things.
and mom and dad finally deciding it was time to put her out of her misery.
and then ruby.
i remember picking her up in payette.
and her crying all the way home.
and when my parents thought she got out but really she was in bed with me [haha...:]
and running with her.
and her thinking shes a little lap dog.
and her blending into the couch.
i used to call holly 'holls-y' and ruby 'rubes'
when i was nannying 2 little boys the older brother called them 'holly and ruby' and the younger brother said 'no! its holls-y and rubes!'
must love dogs.
my dogs.
sorry ive only got pictures of rubes...

pete and pups.

this is my favorite.
so my room was freezing and im cold blooded.
so i would turn on my space heater and put my blanket over it and get under the blanket so all the heat would come to me!
ruby was smart enought to figure this out and would burrow under my legs to get warm as well.
but only half of her fit!

nappin with the mother.
told you she thinks shes a little dog.

shes also very similar to the couch color.
my dad told me a story once [im not sure if this was really how it went but something like this] about my brother laying on the floor watching tv or something and complainging of it smelling like ruby farts not realizing she was asleep on the couch above him and he hadnt noticed because he couldnt see her!

out and about with dad.

im not sure what we call this.
she is a trick dog though!

she even made the family pic.
i think that was a first!

Monday, February 14, 2011

#99 in honor of valentines velvet anything.

especially cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.

theres not a whole lot to be said on this topic except mmmmmmmm!!

and theres this lady at school who makes the best red velvet brownies!

whats with the skull??

in other news,
this boy i know told us his mom makes a heart shaped meatloaf every valentines day.

happy valentines day!

#98 capital high school.

this is a hard one to explain.

because just like every person ever...i pretty much didnt like high school.
you couldnt pay me enough to go back.
i had cool friends and i did fun things but overall...meh.

and yet i had a favorite teacher who still to this day will come talk to me and give me a hug every time he sees me.
and when i go back for sporting events and such i have so much pride for the place.
but alas, it is my alma mater and so it will always be with me...
graduating class of 2006.
man im getting old!