Monday, December 27, 2010

#75 LANCE...SHOUTOUT!!!!!!

this is a shoutout to my one and only bff or whatever!
(you probably know her as Laura)
today she is the whoppin 2-1!!!
i wish we were in boise so we could go do it the right way!
[you know...drink red bulls at humpin hannahs and dance with funny drunk boys].
since shes 21 heres my 21 favorite things about her...and 21 random pictures!
1- shes from juniper.
[and can pretty much claim all of southern idaho].
2- shes freakin hilarious.
example: he smiled at me and i was like "whoa, whoa, whoa buddy! slowdown! things are moving way too fast!
3- she thinks im hilarious.
4- she takes all the things i say out of context to make them scandalous.
example: i've decided i have to lower my standards.
5- shes hot.
6- she understand my love of country music.
7- and rednecks [most of the time].
8- she massages my shin splints when they are hurty.
9- her hair always looks good.
10- shes always up for the random shenanigans we get into.
11- she loves things such as: icarly and justin beiber.
12- at one point we ruled the institute together.
13- she loves my "faiy-ce" ok i have know iea how to type that how we pronounce it...but she'll get it!
14- shes smart.
15- president, please!
16- she fully supported my checklist, even when her bed became a check.
17- shes friends with EVERYONE.
18- she didnt let the crazy lady at the Luke Bryan concert push her around!
19- she understand my love of small towns, cowboys, and RODEO!
20- she went to the pow-pow with me.
21- shes super spiritual and has a very strong testimony and always does the right thing and makes me a better person by always having a positive attitude and doing what she knows is right!
miss you!
happy 21st birthday bff or whatever!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

#74 driving.

theres something about driving alone across idaho thats so peaceful.
today was exceptionally pretty.
the sun was actually shining and it was 48 degrees.
it just makes me feel like i have so much potential!
like i can go anywhere and do anything!
maybe its the country music mixed with the open-ness of idaho.
the spotted hill just go on forever.
i fantasize about all the little towns im driving past that i dont even know exist.
how simple the lives of those people are.
something about small towns intruiges me.
maybe its that those people have so much more to discover.
maybe its that everyone knows everyone- and their business.
or just that those people live through their own manual labor.
either way, its something i just love.
it always clears my head and gives me new hope for the future.

this is my favorite part of the whole drive.
the cement wall just before you climb the hill to glenns ferry.

and here was the playlist that got me through todays drive:
brad paisley...anything like me.
sarah if.
zac brown shes walking away.
taylor swift...back to december.
lee brice...beautiful everytime.
jason aldean feat. kelly clarkson...dont you wanna stay.
craig man.
blue county...firecrackers and ferris wheels.
jason over states.
josh kelley...georgia clay.
james otto...groovy little summer song.
lady antebellum...hello world.
blake shelton...home.
eastin corbin...i cant love you back.
katie armiger...leaving home.
billy currington...let me down easy.
sara evans...a little bit stronger.
sugarland...little miss.
jerrod niemann...the one that got away.
james wesley...real.
joe nichols...the shape im in.
eric church...smoke a little smoke.
kenny chesney...somewhere with you.
darius rucker...this.
chris young...voices.
jerrod niemann...what do you want.
lady antebellum...when you got a good thing.
blake shelton...who you are when im not looking.
the janedear girls...wildflower.

[the bolded songs come highly recommended by yours truly].

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#73 the boys & girls club of ada county.

this was the job i had from the time i moved back to boise in 2008,
until i moved to salt lake in 2010.
i loved it.
yea i dreaded going to work some days.
and sure i wanted to slap some kids sometimes.
but in all,
it was fun.
i mean, i got paid to listen to music, draw, play pool, eat snacks, play dodgeball.
sweet life right?
and it was.
we even got to go on cool field trips!
when i left in march it was so sad.
there were lots of tears and presents from the kids.
but i was kind of burnt out so i was ready to be done.
still sad of course.
and i hadnt been back since i moved.
well i had some free time today and thought id stop by and say hi to a few of the staff members.
little did i know there were still TONS of kids there who
1- not only remembered me,
but 2, LOVED me!!!
it was the greatest thing.
as soon as i walked in the door a girl screamed "LINDSEY!!!!!!!" and ran and gave me a huge hug!!
it was the cutest thing!
the last 2 summers i was there i was in charge of the 1st & 2nd graders and i didnt realize how attached some of them really were!
the kids then ran into every room of the building yelling "lindseys back!!!'
i got ambushed by like 12 kids all trying to hug me!
it was the cutest.
and then they all just wanted to hold my hand the whole time
and play every game with me!
some of them kept asking me for things like i worked there,
and i went right on ahead like i did work there!
heres some pictures from the club over the years!

chase is my favorite!!!



ody again.



me and jennifer.

stephanie, me, jennifer.

jennifer and miranda.


me and katie.

christmas party club rap.

me and emma!



making centerpieces.




Monday, December 20, 2010

#72 hoodies.

ok, im kind of getting bad at this...
what can i say?
i've been busy and now its almost christmas!!!!
to get back on topic
ive realized recently that im a complete t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.
i dont even own a nice pair of slacks, fancy high heels, or a classy top that costs more than $20.
im too cheap for that.
im too tall to wear heels.
[think about it...i already tower over everyone]
and so it is that ive come to love my jeans and tshirts.
and now, because its cold,
in the last year i went from owning 2 to now having 7 or more.
lets see i have:
- boys & girls club one.
- brads fox one.
- my blue fox one.
- my capital throwers one
- grey one from flerika.
- red one from san diego.
- white under armour.
i love them.
they are so comfortable and keep me toasty always.
im pretty sure i look like trash because that is literally all i wear these days.
and then i sleep in them.
white under armour

grey fom erika.

boys & girls club.


and a real WONDERFUL picture i might add...

oh, and p.s. im wearing my red s.d. hoodie now :]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#71 skype.

ok so id heard people talk about this but i just didnt get the point.
well then a friend of mine was ALWAYS asking me to skype,
but i was too embarrassed to tell him i didnt have a camera.
so i just kept lying and saying i couldnt i was too busy.
until FINALLY i bought one.
but dont worry i didnt tell him that.
i told him i borrowed one
clever me.
anyway...skypes been good to me.
we skype almost every sunday.
its a wholesome activity, right?
and you can even play games!
sometimes i get to 3 way skype with kelli in draper and eric eric in provo!
flerika and i sometimes used to skype too.
but now shes all serious living in pocatello!
i wish my sister would get it so i could see my nephew!
i think my parents would appreciate that!
heres some funny skype pictures that ive taken.
this is my favorite, hes saying "the what?!"


erika and andy.



skype date anyone?