Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#69 mae.

this was my favorite band all through high school and beyond.
calm little christian-esque band.
ive seen them live twice.
i forgot how much i loved them until i was calling an old friend the other night
and mae just happened to be her ringback tone.
it made me so happy!
flashback to when we were roommates in rexburg.
those were the days...
we had lots of fun.
a house full of 12 girls.
they were some of my best friends.
i could probably write a whole post dedicated to that place.
who knows it might be next?
- the ocean.
its a favorite.
heres a pic of me and chase at the 2nd mae concert i went to last year.
fall 2009 at the venue.

awful pic but hey the backgrounds not too shabby :]

Monday, November 29, 2010

#68 easy a.

so i heard about this movie from some girls at school a few months ago and thought...gee that sounds trashy.
a girl pretends to be a slut so people will like her?
welcome to high school...only its real there.
well i watched it the other night.
and then i watched it again.
and then i made this boy watch it.
and then i watched it again.
and im about to watch it again.
i LOVE this movie.
its hilarious.
i love the girl.
shes witty and clever.
she doesnt actually want to be slutty.
shes really making a statement about social norms.
throughout the movie they compare it to the scarlet letter,
which i never read but i know a little about.
its pretty good.
i think even my mom might like this movie.
and my mom is picky.
and doesnt like any movies.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

#67 1A.

not to be confused with A1 the steaksauce,
because lets be serious for a minute here...
i HATE steaksauce.
no, i mean 1A.
the county.
the license plate.
i get super excited when i see another 1A.
well actually i get really excited when i see any idaho license plate
but especially 1A!
in fact,
one time erika and i were driving on the freeway and we saw a boy in a 1A car.
i sais speed up lets get a better look at him!
so erika pulls up next to him and what do you know!
david smith.
boy i went to high school with!
i of course proceeded to call him and watch him answer and then i yelled repeatedly "LOOK RIGHT! LOOK RIGHT!"
he wasnt as impressed as i was because shortly after that we lost service and we havent talked since.
it drives me nuts that utah doesnt have a way of marking where cars are from!
and just for future reference so you can keep track of your idahoans!

Ada 1A
Adams 2A
Bannock 1B
Bear Lake 2B
Benewah 3B
Bingham 4B
Blaine 5B
Boise 6B
Bonner 7B
Bonneville 8B
Boundary 9B
Butte 10B
Camas 1C
Canyon 2C
Caribou 3C
Cassia 4C
Clark 5C
Clearwater 6C
Custer 7C
Elmore E
Franklin 1F
Fremont 2F
Gem 1G
Gooding 2G
Idaho I
Jefferson 1J
Jerome 2J
Kootenai K
Latah 1L
Lemhi 2L
Lewis 3L
Lincoln 4L
Madison 1M
Minidoka 2M
Nez Perce N
Oneida 1O
Owyhee 2O
Payette 1P
Power 2P
Shoshone S
Teton 1T
Twin Falls 2T
Valley V
Washington W
oh and an X means its a government vehicle :]
and just in case your curious just HOW far those crs are traveling.
this is or you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

#66 eyebrows.

so its probably the esthetician in me,
but im a fan of nicely shaped eyebrows.
i still havent found my perfect eyebrow on myself,
but i notice everyone elses.
i especially love a boy with nice eyebrows.
or a boy that isnt afraid to have help in that department.
like my little brothers,
i love that they let me help em out.
i mean tweezing a few stray hairs can make a WORLD of diference.
wacky eyebrows
wacky eyebrows
wacky eyebrows
and i'll bet you thought they had little significance...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#65 phish food.

i know as soon as my sister reads this shes gonna say 'hey! she stole that from me.'
she pretty much thinks ive stolen anything shes ever liked and made it something i like.
most people would see that as flattery.
not her.
but this isnt about her.
this is about ben.
and jerry.

theyre my favorite.
if you refer back to favorite thing #1 i recalled a little story about a boyfriend bringing my a pint of ben and jerrys phish food ice cream because he didnt know my favorite kind of flower.
well you can bet that he brought ben and jerrys!

my favorite!
im pretty sure i could eat a whole pint in one sitting by myself.
thats only like 6000 calories right?
the only thing i dont LOVE about phish food ice cream is that frozen fudge fish.
so what what i like to do is suck all the ice cream off them and then spit them back into the lid.
well one time a group of us were sitting around eating ice cream and i kept spitting my fish in the lid and another girl kept picking them up and eating them!!!!
we didnt realize it for a while and once we finally did we just busted up laughing...
and you can bet we didnt tell her what was happening until after it was all gone!

Monday, November 22, 2010


ok this is just going to be the highlights of the trip.
it was way fun.
and way too fast.
- but kelli, south, tori, and i hopped on Le Bus at 11:00pm Thursday night bound for San Diego with a bunch of other crazy U of U fans!
- it felt like it took 2 hours jsut to get to provo with all the traffic!
- we stopped in beaver utah and had a bathroom break and changed bus drivers.
- we watched how to lose a guy in 10 days and it was WAY too loud.
- we stopped in who-knows-where so the other bus could change drivers.
- we slept on and off for 6+ hours until we got to Barstow CA at about 8am.
- we ate breakfast at Dennys with a mean old waitress.
- we drove another 2 hours to the hotel in San Diego!!
- we checked into our rooms and showered.
- we got lost trying to get to the train station.
- went downtown to the gaslamp district.
- shopped, ate dinner, ate dessert hat cost more than dinner.
 - didnt go clubbing cause someone forget their i.d...i wont name names.
- went back to the hotel and fell asleep SUPER early.
- got woken up at 7am by south and tori.
- had breakfast, and took 12 hours getting ready.
- were starving so we ordered pizza!
- kellis parents came and we drove around and tried to find ponchos.
- went to dinner with kellis fam but didnt eat cause we were SO stuffed from pizza!
- went to the football game and sat under the overhang so we didnt get drenched.
- watched the utes make a game out of it and WIN!
- got beer splashed on me by the only nice san diego fan in the stadium :]
- went back to the hotel and took a community footbath.
- called kellis parents to come back and take us to inn-n-out cause we were STARVED!
- went to bed at 1am.
- woke up at 7am to eat and pack our crap to leave.
- rode the bus back to barstow.
- couldnt get anything to drink in the whole town cause the water was contaminated.
- drove for another few hours through snow storms until cedar city.
- in cedar we heard the freeway north of beaver was closed.
- hung out in cedar for WAY too long.
- made friends with the gas station cashier who happened to be from boise!
- took a poll and decided to drive to beaver anyway and see what happened there.
- whiney girls complained the whole time even though the roads were finds and it wasnt even snowing!!!
- some lame-o whimpy girl on the bus called her mom, her mom called the bus company, the drivers manager called and told him he was scaring a student so we werent allowed to drive another inch!!!!
- we had to pull off the highway in the middle of b.f.egypt and sit!
- suprised we didnt all get murdered sitting in the middle of nowhere!
- took a silent vote if we should move on or not. 3 no votes meant we couldnt move.
- half hour later got word the freeway was opened so we could go to beaver!
- made it to beaver and switched bus drivers.
- watched more movies.
- made it back to salt lake about 1:45am.
NEVER been so glad to be back to salt lake!!!
heres some random glam shots of the fab 4.
other funny moments included:
- guy that said 'now did i hear you say you were gay?'
- girl asking if we told jokes in utah.
- south taking his pants on and off on the bus.
- south forgetting to pack clothes...
- "yea mama yea!"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#63 boating.

i dont know why it took me so long to write about boating!
its only my favorite summer activity!
i wish i knew how to upload videos!
i have a hilarious one of brayden trying to show off and biffing it pretty badly.
[same trip erika pushed him off the boat tower :]






me and the broha.


my unimpressive wakeboarding.

my nasty peel-y feet.


yours truly.



ha. obviously not from boating but hilarious nonetheless.

brayd from back in the day.

peter and kate from july 4th 200...somethin.

3 of the kiddos from july 4th.

the sista.

the end.