Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#40 temporary tats.

just like the idea of something crazy on my bod.
thank goodness its for a short amount of time.
i especially love victorias secret scratch and sniff kind.
i smelled like a boy for a week.
love rocks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#40 kangaroo.

for those who arent lucky enought to be on the inside...
"kangaroo" is code for 'make up any excuse in the whole dang world and call me and GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!'
if you ever receive a kangaroo text you are to immediately:
1- halt all currently involved activities.
2- think of a serious situation which you can legitimately b.s. without lauging.
3- call the texter.
4- tell them you need their help in previously mentioned situation pronto!

"kangaroo" is most commonly used when
a- on a terrible date when they just cant get the hint.
b- youre bored of whoever youre with.
c- in an awkard situation.
d- when you dont feel safe with whoever youre with.

tonight was a PRIME example of the kangaroo method.
friend was hanging out with weird boy,
didnt wanna be there anymore,
sent me the code word.
i called and told her my care woulsnt start and she had to come pick me up NOW!

problem solved.
thanks kangaroo for saving many girls from sucky situations!
use it at your own risk.
[just make sure the receiver knows what the code means!]

Monday, September 27, 2010

#40 really dumb jokes.

why was the ocean mad?
youd be mad too if you had crabs on your bottom.

courtesy of this girl.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

#40 flerika.

this is a shout out to my bff.
not to be confused with b.i.f...
ERIKA FLaitspodfjgdfjgk...t
[thank you whitney].
erika saved my life in utah.
she is awesome.
most of the time.
if only she was 21...
but seriously,
we were instant friends.
2nd day of school.
maybe its that were both HILARIOUS.
or maybe that were both really really really immatue.
or that were both mormon.
or that we didnt have friends...
whatever the reason we bonded instantly.
i mean we only knew eath other 5 days when we had out first sleepover on her bunk beds!
in the 7 months weve known each other weve done some pretty rad things
and made some really great memories.
i freakin love her.
she is my favorite!
we have waaaaay too much fun!
and thank goodness we always get to be partners at school
so we get to avoid all the crazies!
i cant even think of all the ridiculous things weve done together.
but we LOVE dancing and singing and taking car pictures and being idiots.
im so glad we got to be bff.
shes one of the funniest/awesome/bad influence!!!!/great/sarcastic/immature/hilarious! people i know!
we love roap trips. camping. wendover. dance parties. school. shopping.
we can make ANY event awesome.
pretty sure everyones jealous of us.
and it only takes us 9 hrs to drive from boise to slc.
and chis brown taught us how to dance.
and shes got good fashion sense.
and shes really great at car dancing.
im not sure what im gonna do when she moves away and leaves me...
its gonna be a sad day!!

pretty much my best friend.
thank you skin science for being good for something!!